VOTE YES for a
NOVEMBER 2, 2021

Don't leave a penny on the table.

What is it?

“Other Purpose” Local Option Sales Tax is an option ONLY for consolidated governments in Georgia. If approved by voters, the OLOST would add a penny (1%) to the consolidated government’s current sales tax rate, so Macon-Bibb would begin collecting two cents (2%) sales tax.

What are the benefits?

The OLOST will provide one of the largest property tax cuts in state history, reducing consolidated government property taxes for Macon-Bibb by nearly 40%. Every family will save because 70% of the revenue will come from people who visit or work in Macon-Bibb but do not live here.

Who decides?

The public will have an opportunity to vote on the OLOST, and the majority must approve the OLOST before it can be implemented. In five years, voters will have the chance to vote again on whether to keep the OLOST or go back to the old way of doing things.

Save Families & Businesses Money

  • If passed, 100% of the money collected by the OLOST is required by law to be used to rollback property taxes for Macon-Bibb homeowners and owners of commercial property.
  • 70% of the revenue from the OLOST will be paid for by individuals who don’t live in Macon-Bibb. This makes sure that everyone who works, shops or visits here helps to actually pay for the services they benefit from when they’re in Macon.

Reducing Property Taxes

  • This would be one of the largest property tax cuts in state history.
  • If passed, the OLOST will reduce property taxes by nearly 40% for all Macon-Bibb homeowners and commercial property owners.

Make Macon-Bibb Safer

  • Passing the OLOST will make our community safer by providing for new investments in public safety, like hiring new police officers, supporting pre-trial diversions programs that keep non-violent offenders employed and out of jail, and creating new programs to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Revenue from the OLOST will support the Macon Violence Prevention initiative to use proven strategies to reduce violent crimes like murder and aggravated assault in Macon-Bibb.

Create Jobs

  • Passing the OLOST would give Macon-Bibb one of the lowest property tax rates in the region, making it easier to attract businesses and industries that bring good paying jobs to our communities.

Support Community Initiatives

  • The passage of the OLOST will allow for the expansion of popular programs, like “Clean Streets Matter”, which has removed nearly 8 million pounds of trash from our streets since January 2021.
  • More services, such as the ones offered at the Brookdale Warming Center for hundreds of homeless people in our community, will also be expanded under the OLOST.

That’s HUGE news!
With the OLOST on the ballot this fall, we have the opportunity to deliver HUGE savings for Macon-Bibb families on their property taxes.

To make Macon-Bibb safer, stronger and more competitive ...


NOVEMBER 2, 2021

Paid for by Macon-Bibb Forward Together, Inc.